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You were born as pure love and you are pure consciousness. In fact you are one with everything and with all around you. Before you came onto this earth plane you agreed to discover separation and be born into a body. In this body you have discovered an “I” and being a person which has caused you to believe that you can be isolated and apart from other people. The truth is that your body is a portal for consciousness and that consciousness is moving through you and wants to move through you right now. As you allow consciousness to move through you, and you open to what is possible, that is when you allow soul mates or creative projects or magic wishes to happen and come true.

The idea is that we are either in contraction or expansion, fear or love. When we are contracted it is difficult for consciousness to move through us but when we open and allow then anything could happen at any time. There is nothing amazing you need to do for this to happen. All you need to realise; is that you can wake up right now to who you are and realise this is your film, and you are creating everything that is happening good and bad. In fact there is no good or bad there is only love and consciousness.

Soulmates, as you probably know, are people who come close to us in this particular life time. They could be a family member or friend and they can bring up difficult learnings or easy support. Whoever they are they are important mirrors of you to support you to come out of isolation and to know love and connection. Some of the biggest soulmate connections can be the most difficult but they can be very important because they help you to “Wake Up”. This journey is ultimately a beautiful awakening to love, to oneness, to realising that you are one with everything. It does not matter whether you are single or with a partner, what matters is to know you are love to to awaken to this. Then we realise that we are all connected all the time and there is no separation. All journeys lead us to this non-duality to oneness and there are no mistakes and you are always all right. Creativity, love making, birthing a child and being, all connect us to being channels. Being you you leads you into knowing you are love.

Sexual or romantic soulmates can also give wonderful experiences as they help us to incarnate on this earth plane, arrive and come into our bodies and plan and create our “gardens” here. When two people come together in a sacred union, abundance can happen and they build more than they might as one person. When there is a flourishing connection people grow and strengthen as people and they plan and create together. The important thing is not to make this all about the other. This is your journey and your film. One of the biggest parts of a sexually intimate loving soulmate is that with love there is a great charge that happens between two people and a huge amount of healing can happen. In this charge a lot of light gets downloaded and whatever your stories are about “not love” or separation can come up. So it is at this point that you can feel strongly your needs, jealousy, fear of abandonment, engulfment or overwhelm. If you remember that it will help you when the issues come up. In other words the other person is there to help you feel your vulnerability and go deeper into love, they are not abandoning you, their presence is helping you to feel the parts of you that feel abandoned. Remember too we are lent people whether it is for a day or a life time and to treat them with kindness and respect.

So when people ask “how may I meet my soul mate” I ask “are you ready to?”. For the key here is not do they exist for everything you can imagine exists right now (because you created it anyway) the key is can you keep your heart open enough to allow this person in and feel the pain and ecstasy of love and not love. Can you allow your own essence to meld with another and still come back to you and being present in your own life and can you dare be true in the face of such fire. Are you ready for love and nakedness and to reveal your depths with another and know that you are always in union with the divine all the time?

If you are then call your lover in, they have waited for you a long time. Call them in and tell them you are ready for them and are prepared to meet them. Practice opening your heart, surrender and let go to love and allow, allow, allow. They will turn up,

The key to all this is you. It is like being a runner in a marathon. You start with running for 5 minutes a day, then 20 then half an hour then an hour. So it is with your heart and staying open, it is a practice and developing a capacity for love. Put your hands on your heart every day and allow a connection with your heart to build. Meditate on your heart and your essence and on love and coming into love. You can have anything you want check in with whether you are ready and have the heart capacity to receive it. Then say the affirmation below with full intention and meaning and watch for the signs.

Below is an affirmation I was given with love, I do not know the author

I am now open and ready to let a

deep and fulfilling love into my life.

I create space and time in my life so my wonderful partner will feel welcome.

At this very moment, my partner is just as willing as me to enter into a wonderful relationship.

With the power of my thoughts I am drawing a soul mate towards me.

Our ways will cross with the same inevitability as night follows day.

I will stop searching because I am deeply certain that the energies of my cosmic order will manifest themselves at this very moment.

Everything is prepared and ready in a most wonderful way.

I know that the right partner for me exists and will enter into my life.

I know that my partner is not perfect but he/she is perfect for me. He will help me to recognise my own limitations, to explore my faults and work on them.


My partner is in my life already.

He/she is here and I sense his/her presence.

You are wholeheartedly welcome in my life.

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