Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Love Tips to create an internet dating profile x

                                               Tips to create an internet dating profile x

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 This video above is designed to help you to build your internet dating profile and to create a page which really connects the reader to you.

My top Five suggestions for writing a profile are

1st Paragraph. How would your friends and family describe you? Are you sassy, loyal, funny, straight up? What words would help someone "know" you more.
2nd Paragraph. More about you and what you like with significant details eg what film have you just seen and what did you like about it and how did it make you feel.
3rd Paragraph. What kind of relationship would you like and what kind of experiences do you wish for eg deep chats while picnicking, adventures in the Kalahari desert, sensuality or both being independent. Be really honest and avoid suggesting a bottle of wine with a dvd. Really think about an interesting way to describe your wishes.
4th Paragraph. Describe the partner you wish to meet. Are they kind, faithful, passionate about their life? How do they treat others?
5th Paragraph Give a cheeky invitation for them to get in touch with you!

6th suggestion Get a great photo! Very important ! Look up great photographers and get a photo taken if you have not got one. is great and reasonable

love to you Cate xxxxx

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Love Fairy Carina Coen xxx

Why am I a Love Fairy with Cate Mackenzie? Several years ago I was priviledged and happy to meet the beautiful and multi talented Cate Mackenzie at a Goddess talk with Bernadette Vallely at my apartment in London. I kept in touch with Cate and enjoyed several of her amazing workshops learning about myself and how to love myself and others. I have been on a fun spiritual adventure of my own for many years. Cate invited me to become a Love Fairy at first I wondered what on earth was that? I arrived at a Mind Body Spirit event in London with my chiffron fairy sparkly dress, wild multi coloured tights and my fabulous luminous pink wings.... I was initially very nervous on stage as I was new to this fairy performance art as we listened to the music that started the show ...Cate guided us through the actions of the songs and told us to spread the love in the audience....we wandered off stage to blow kisses, give random hugs, dance with people, smile and basically as true fairies we just enjoyed ourselves as we danced around! I really started to relax... let go...I just felt happy and behaved as myself...the artist that true happiness is within us all. As a therapist for twenty years my daily office is very different soothing music, dim lighting, essential oils, seaweed products and working on my own to help release the muscle knots in people's bodies. I listen to the stress in their lives and advise them on ways to balance, detoxify their bodies and to be more calm with their lives and minds. As a LOVE FAIRY I have a freedom to be more of the artist and fun giver of LOVE that I AM. I just adore having fun and how wonderful that you don't need alcohol or drugs as we perform... we enjoy songs that say it all.....The Beatles "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE" Donna Summer "I Feel Love"....... As we all know no matter what sort of negativity or terrible problems we face as individuals or as a whole in humanity. LOVE is the most powerful force in the Universe....this LOVE heals us and the Earth on many levels . We also have magical healing silent spontaneous fairy circles where we sit in silence and send out pure love from our hearts deep in the earth and out to the fantastic is that! The love fairies are an amazing array of talented loving and special people I feel I have a new love fairy family and I am enjoying the love adventure...come join us at our next Love Fairy event..... Carina as a performing Fairy at a Fairy Event with Nick Ashron Elfin Spiral in Cornwall 2009.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Honouring my Grandmother Hazel Adair

I decided to honour and `bank` my Grandmother who pioneered TV Soap Opera in the UK is credited with writing the first inter racial kiss and being the most influential TV writer on women's lives in the 1950s and 1960s. She disowned her achievements and I thought she deserved to be recognised, so I put her forward to be honoured as a Maverick in the House of Lords this year by The Pink Shoes Club. My Gran was thrilled and you can read about it here: