Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Affirmation to release limits or blocks from Damian Nola

By Divine Decree and through God/Goddess and my own mighty I am Presence under the laws of Grace, Karma, love, Oneness, Liberty, forgiveness and Divinity. I now break across all space time dimension any agreements, contracts or oaths I may have made not to receive light of my higher consciousness within embodiment.

I break all agreements that I may have made that I am not divine and that I am seperate in any way from the whole of life.

I break all agreements I may have made to deny in any way the love and the light and the holy power that lives in my heart and to hold this bound or closed in any way.

I break any agreements that it is not possible to fully embody and experience and express my holy communion with God here.

I break all agreements I may have made across all space time dimensions that to live embodied I must reject God or my feelings and that I must pretend and mask who I am.

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