Tuesday, 12 July 2011

An affirmation to bring in a wonderful partner (author unknown)

The wish for a wonderful partner (this is a magical affirmation say it with meaning and watch it come true)

I am now open and ready to let a
deep and fulfilling love into my life.

I create space and time in my life so my wonderful partner will feel welcome.

At this very moment, my partner is just as willing as me to enter into a wonderful relationship.

With the power of my thoughts I am drawing a soul mate towards me.

Our ways will cross with the same inevitability as night follows day.

I will stop searching because I am deeply certain that the energies of my cosmic order will manifest themselves at this very moment.

Everything is prepared and ready in a most wonderful way.
I know that the right partner for me exists and will enter into my life.

I know that my partner is not perfect but he is perfect for me. He will help me to recognise my own limitations, to explore my faults and work on them.

Through him I will get closer to myself, day after day, week after week, year after year.

Through him I will get closer to myself than would have been possible without him/her.

Through him I get in touch with my wonderful deep self as well as with my unloved parts.

Because I am loving I am ready to show myself in the way I really am. My partner, too, is allowed to be him/herself.

Love is the driving and supporting power in this relationship.

Because of my partner I grow and mature and become great and I am able to show this.

I show all my patience, my determination, my loyalty, my fears and fearless.

I am ready to allow and tolerate closeness. I am open and free enough to accept the power of love.

I let go everything that might restrict this inner freedom.

I let go of the idea of myself as a single person and already consider myself a partner in a fulfilling relationship.

My partner is in my life already.
He is here and I sense his/her presence.

You are wholeheartedly welcome in my life.

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