Sunday, 26 April 2009

Visioning your work

Your Sacred Heart, Your Sacred Vision

I thought I would write to you today of visioning your dreams. You may be doing this regularly or it may have been some time since you have done this but it can be very helpful to look at where you are at and whether your life and your visions are matching what you want.

My experience of visioning has been very strong though sometimes I have had doubts because it can take time but I have found that if I don’t give up then many of them come true.

Process of visioning

Start to think or feel what you would really like your life to be or feel like. Pick an aspect of your life and work with this.

So for example work how would you like your working life to look like or feel like? What would be the best picture or feeling you could have of your working life? If you had no fear what would it be like?

Eight years ago I wrote a vision of how I wanted my life to be and I shared this vision with two other people. At the time my vision was to be an International Workshop Leader and Life Coach with my heart images around the world, books on the heart and TV shows on love and the heart. I wanted a way to connect with my purpose and take this out to the world. For me my purpose was about encouraging people to connect with love and a universal sense of love and connection where we are all linked. I wanted my hearts and my workshops to help people and remind them that it is safe to be who they are and that they can be vulnerable. What I wanted to feel was that I was connected to love, to my purpose, to who I am and all I can possibly be and am sharing this love and sense of purpose with others to help them to dare to see who they really are.

It is important to focus on what the feelings are around your vision, how do you want to feel? What do you want to give the world or others and what do you want others to feel from what you give? The feeling of the vision is the most important part. If you focus on holding the feeling that you want that is the key.

Now this year I am working in Kuwait, Greece, Spain, France, all around the UK and have been invited to work also in the US. My hearts are going as posters into IKEA from this October which will be worldwide. I have had my own radio show and have been on little bits of TV so although sometimes I have felt frustrated and as if my dreams may not happen I can see that they are happening and they are probably happening in the right time and the right way for me to feel I am able to do them. For I am learning so much as I go along and perhaps if certain dreams had happened too quickly then it might not have felt right for me or that I was confident enough to do them.


But there can be great resistance to ones own dreams for different reasons. For me, for example, I have written a lot which is in my computor but for some reason I have not managed to finish some of it in order to show someone and edit it. But after my Vipassana I have realised that I need to treat my writing as a meditation and take myself to a café or my office and sit and write consistently till I have written what I want- which at the moment is to finish and complete chapter one and the synopsis of my chapters in order that I can show someone. I love writing and I love being immersed in the process of it. For me it is a very intimate relationship and way of being with yourself and I am happy that I am committing to it at the moment.

I had a chat with my supervisor yesterday about why I might be so blocked and I discovered that I was putting pressure on myself to achieve before allowing something to emerge, I was also judging myself and the writing before allowing it to flourish. Somehow giving myself a retreat has given me the detachment and the space to try again and just allow and see what can happen.

Charity Work

If you are really suffering with fear and a lack of self belief then sometimes it can really help to connect with others and give back in some way. I know for me that my community work makes a big difference to my life and how I feel about life. If I work with others and give something back (hopefully from a good place, a place of joy to do so and not a begrudging place) then I also feel so much better. So one way of shifting and allaying fear can be to find a charity or a concern that you believe in and start to give to them through time, money or service. Find a charity or a concern which is close to your heart and see what you can do for them. It is amazing what doing this can do.

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