Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Being Whole in yourself and being Whole in the World

I feel that loving yourself or accepting yourself has a huge impact on the world around you and in turn in the larger world. If I feel accepting and loving to myself I am much more likely to be able to be compassionate towards others in the world. When I feel loving and calm towards myself the reality is that I feel more peaceful and when I am on public transport I have more room in myself to be peaceful towards others. When I am angry and distressed I can also feel angry and distressed with the person who bumps into me or rushes past me but when I am loving and peaceful I have room enough to be able to think that they may be in a hurry to get somewhere or that I may not know what is happening for them that day. When I am loving and peaceful I do not need to judge myself or others.

When I don't judge myself or others then in one sense I am not split as a person. In a sense I am whole, I am one person. I am not a person thinking that I would be better if this or that was different. If I am at peace with myself then I take that sense of peace into the world and my peace can then affect anyone I am in contact with. If I am peaceful then I can be considerate towards others, I can be productive and I can be a giver. This does not mean that I do not have different feelings, of course I do, but it may mean that I have a core of inner peace that I can draw on. And this means that if you think that everything is made of energy then the energy that I take into the world is one of peace.

But how to come into this place of peace? For me this is about slowing down and creating a simple life. I use the mantra "My life is simple" and I let this simplicity flow into my life. I also meditate and go to a spa to help me slow down. Today I looked after my seven month old neice and it was such a beautiful experience of total love, commitment and calm. She is pure love and pure open heartedness and just to be near her is to be brought straight into love and into being totally present. There is an African theory that if a childless woman would like to be pregnant then she needs to spend some time holding a baby. I can really understand this theory because when you hold a baby there is something very magical that seems to happen which brings you into the presence of love and being and relaxation. I imagine that this is because a baby can only "BE", there is no job for the baby to do except be, play, eat, grow and be loved. And yet the baby is doing so much at the same time, at the same time the baby is learning and growing and stretching and becoming.

I feel that when one is more peaceful actually there is more room for a person to grow. It sounds bizarre in a way but when I am peaceful then there is room for new ideas and new expansion. I can get way too busy with ideas and meetings but when I actually slow down then I often achieve more.

In this way I feel that when one becomes more whole and more loving then there is more room to open up to other ideas and perhaps ideas about what we can do for others.

Of course loving yourself, being peaceful with yourself, giving to others and thinking warmly of yourself and others are big areas of discussion. The key is love, the key is to start to think lovingly of yourself. I believe that someone is beautiful when they are centred in themselves. They are centred in themselves when they feel peaceful, they feel peaceful when they do things that help them feel good.

Perhaps this is all about thinking about what makes you slow down, feel good, feel peaceful and feel loving. I believe that coming into this place brings you into a potential place for being whole in yourself and this whole self you can bring into the world.

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