Sunday, 26 April 2009

Manifesting Your Dreams

I would like to let you in to a secret, a secret which deep down you already know, a secret which if you really allowed yourself to realise would absolutely change your life!

This is the secret:

Does this sound simple? Well it is and it isn’t. It is simple because there is a way to have your true love or the work of your dreams but you may have to do some work on yourself and take responsibility for how you are currently sabotaging yourself and that can take some work to become really conscious of your feelings and thought patterns.

Ultimately this is about moving out of being a victim in whatever way you might be doing this (it can be subtle or blatent) and taking your authority and power and believing in yourself. The universe is totally abundant and limitless and the possibilities are endless but it can be hard to give up a feeling of wanting to be rescued in some way and hard to be really honest about what you really truly want and start to go for it. This is because you can judge what you really want and in this way push it down or out. What you need to do is ask yourself “am I willing to give up my judgements (of not deserving or worrying what others will think) and start to live the life I genuinely want”. If you are willing then you can begin to take the following steps.

It can take as long as you want or as short a time as you want but when you are truly ready to allow your dreams in then your energy magically opens up and you are able to allow in that new partner or job.

How can you learn to open up and allow this love and abundance into your life?

1 Firstly think about what you really want, deep inside you. Don’t focus on a huge list really try to connect with the simple truth of what you really want. Imagine this wish in as much detail as you can coming true and feel it entering your heart. Hold this in your heart and breathe in and out imagining that you know have this wish. If you feel any resistance then keep breathing and imagine releasing the resistance.

2 Once you have your desire (eg meeting your true love, finding your soul’s purpose) then breathe into this and ask yourself “Am I truly committed to receiving this?” Notice what comes up and keep breathing. Ask yourself “What are the doubts?”

3 Keep connecting to this wish then ask yourself “If I receive this dream what would be my fear about receiving it?” Sometimes we can have an investment in keeping life the same way, perhaps we are playing a role in our family or we feel we would not be loved as much or we could make others jealous. Whatever the investment it is important to find out what is our inner “deal” and why are we not allowing ourselves to receive our greatest wish. Are you putting it off till a later date for some reason? Why is that?

4 Ask yourself if you are attached to being unhappy or single in any way? Some people want a relationship but they are afraid of losing their freedom, in this case why not bring in a relationship which respects your freedom.

5 Once you have found the reason that is holding you back ask yourself if you are willing or ready to release this. Often blocks have served a purpose and been used to protect us in the past but perhaps you are able to protect yourself anyway and you do not need the block to do this. Can you imagine being freed of this block. Try out “I now release this block to my highest good” and see how you feel. What you may need to do is to take the next level of responsibility and form your wish adding in your needs. For example if deep down you are afraid of losing your freedom and that is why you are not married then you need to take the next step in forming your sense of yourself. You need to decide that you will have marriage and freedom and know that you will be able to honour both in yourself then you will be able to hold this with your husband or wife.

6 Now affirm your wish and see how that feels.
For example try saying and breathing in “I am open to pure abundant, gorgeous love” or “I am open to a committed relationship” or “I am living my soul’s purpose”. Choose a phrase or make one up that suits you breathe it in and see how it feels.

7 The more you can truly connect with being able to imagine deeply having what you want the more likely it is that you will be able to bring it in. All you need to do is feel the feelings and the resistance that comes up and allow it to transform while committing to the truth of your dream.

8 The only difference between those who got what they want and those who didn’t or don’t is that those who got what they wanted never gave up. I would like to encourage you to never give up and to realise you deserve everything you truly want you just may need to clear your blocks to it.

Once you have cleared and felt the blocks you will see how things turn up in your life. Keep imagining exactly what you want and feel and see it coming in

Love and blessings Cate Mackenzie

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