Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Letting go of the Form of Love

The Formlessness of love

I wanted to write to you today about letting go of the ideas of love. I wanted to write about the idea of welcoming love in but focussing of welcoming the feeling in rather than specifying exactly a list of what love should look like.

What I mean by this is that I have people on my workshops sometimes who would like to meet Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie as a partner. Apart from the fact that they are not free to be anyone else’s partner, the idea of being so specific about who the love partner should be automatically sets up a block to love. For what a person has done is define love as Brad Pitt. Love is so much bigger and wider than that. People do it with other things and other people too when they decide that an unavailable person is the only possible love partner for them or a particular job that has not taken them on is also the only job for them in the world.

If for a moment you could see the bigger picture you might see that love or God has so much more to offer you than you could possibly imagine and to limit it by putting so many blocks on it is to reject love.

The key is to learn how to receive love and be open to unconditional love. When people say love happens when you let go what I feel is really meant is that love happens when you stop judging and declaring what love should look like. If you focus instead on learning how to give and receive unconditional love and what you actually want to feel in your love relationship or job or family or wherever you want to bring love in.

Allow yourself to contemplate the quality of what you want to feel. Would you like to feel an authentic soul connection, with faithfulness and commitment, humour, delight and service in a loving partnership? Think about what you might really like as a true desire in love and in life and focus on the feeling-that is the key.

I wanted some specific help with my web site and my work a while ago and when thinking about it I knew that I wanted someone who would work with me and my ideas and help me to build a web site where I could be at their side and part of the decision making process. I also wanted help on other areas of my work and I prayed for these but in a way that was person centred and constructive for me. And amazingly 4 different people have come into my life to help and support me in the way I wanted and needed.

The key was not just the wish but the quality of the feeling around the wish. You may want a kind soulmate but how do you want to feel around them?

If you start to become open to love, to the expansion and light of love, to beauty to kindness and to compassion then you will also go on a journey where you come across and find out what is blocking you. This is so good because as you find out what blocks you, you can also start to clear it and keep opening more and more to love. As you feel the pain and the heart ache it can actually start to melt and to clear. If you suppress it and avoid it it stays stuck. It is the way it is.

The beauty of this journey to opening to love and unconditional love is that you learn to love and you learn to love yourself. As you learn to love yourself you become love and you become the ONE in your life and you become whole and complete as you become whole and complete the ONE whoever they are can subtly and oh so beautifully come into your life (like attracts like) and you may not even notice as they may be no drama and they may have been there all along all the time but you only just noticed them as you came into love.

Thank you for the wonderful workshop. I have no words to describe how I felt, it was wonderful, inspiring, I felt bathed into the ocean of love. Your loving words dived straight into my heart, melting it away. It was indeed one of the happiest days in my life: for a long time I had wanted to feel much much love like I had never felt before and you made that happen, I put the wish out to the universe and you turned up! that must confirm to you that you deserve the title of Love Goddess.
Everybody's heart was so open and pouring out its beautiful beams onto everybody else. I used to think that I was the only one to need love so much, well I am glad to have realised that the whole humanity probably does, some are just more aware than others.
It was lovely to meet you, I am so grateful that I did, and you will see me again, that's for sure. Thanks for being a love beam in this world, you are very special and very blessed. Keep doing the wonderful precious work that you do, you are contributing enormously to making this world a much more 'awaken' and loving place and I want to thank you for that. Claudia Carlet after the workshop at The London College of Spirituality

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