Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Aligning with Love

Also I have been thinking a lot about the concept of aligning with love and what that means. For me when I am aligned with love I feel happy and in the flow with life, I have intuitions and I follow them with ease, things seem to come towards me and are offered to me and even when things do not come my way I can find it easier to have perspective and to be soft and allowing of what happens knowing that what is for me. I realise recently that I am completely passionate about putting on my Heart workshops. Somehow I have no doubt that I should be doing these workshops and I follow my passion to do them. And, of course, as I do them I grow and mature and I hope I help others to do the same. For me, when we are aligned with love we are connected with our truth and we know how to follow it. It make take some time and some practice (and some great people to bounce ideas and thoughts off) but as you follow your truth and your heart you will be lead on a wonderful path of love and abundance.

Some people come to me and say that they do not know their truth or their next step in life and what can they do to find it. I feel that your truth and your knowing is with you all the time you just may need to find ways to soften and listen to your heart. This is often about slowing down and taking time to go within. For me I love to sit in a cafe and write my thoughts, or go to the Sauna and Steam and thoroughly and totally melt and relax. Whatever helps you relax and soften and go within is what also what will help you listen to your heart and help to heal your heart. If your heart is very closed you may need to do a few things to help it soften and melt and you may need to have someone who can help ask you the questions about what you truly deeply want. You can also do this for yourself and ask yourself what you really want. Once you get there to a place of softness and love, in this place you can begin to trust and to know life is good and that you are beautiful within and without.

If you would like assistance with coming into this state of love why not come on a workshop and see if it can help.

Also I love telling manifestation stories. I have a wish and a dream to put hearts into the world so that they can put smiles on people's faces and spread the idea that it is safe to open your heart and love others. I have exhibited in many places and have recently had greetings cards made (if you are interested in some email me) for friends and shops who would like them (like Alchemy) and a big organisation has asked me today for two images to make into posters which will go all around the country. How excited am I! So keep making your wishes and prayers! If you ask you may be answered!

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