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Wording it! The Key to self branding!

Wording It! The key to Self Branding!

In order to create what you want in the world you need to become really clear about who you are and what you want to give and what your personal "brand" is that you are offering. As you become clear and put into words and feelings what it is you want and what you want to feel then you begin to magically create your world. I prayed and asked to work around the world last September and this year I have been asked to work in Kuwait, Greece, Spain, France, The USA and when I came back last week Portugal. I came back to an email asking me to work in Estoril. I found this deeply touching as my Great Grandfather was born in Estoril and I have never been to Portugal. The combination is about clearly wording what you want, feeling it and clearing any blocks that are in the way and then really connecting all of this in your body. As you feel it so you can be it! If you have difficulties why not book a coaching session to look at this! As you word your vision make sure you express how you feel in the vision and remember that there is a right time for things to happen! I wanted to work at Skyros for many years but this year I was actually ready to do it. You can check with yourself whether you are ready by feeling and seeing how you feel! For me it is the inner which mirrors the outer so as you open your vision from within and learn how to receive then you may be able to allow magical things into your life!

1 It's all about You and your Mission!

Who are you? How do you want to be seen? What do you want to give the world? If you had absolutely no fear what would you do? What is your Mission?

Each of us has a unique and amazing gift to give the world. No person has the same gift. As you discover yours and start to give it you have started the journey of self branding. This means you have started to connect with your own sense of purpose and all you need is the drive to make it happen. It is also important that your brand has authenticity. It is very difficult for a brand to last or be believed in that does not have some roots or truth. Most businesses cannot survive without someone behind it who has the passion and drive to see it through.

What is special and different about you and what do you have to give. Often people long to give something they deeply want themselves or something they need to learn. I wanted to give the world my heart images, my Open Your Heart Workshops and my coaching. I wanted to encourage others to allow themselves to be open and vulnerable and connect to Love. This is because I knew that I needed to learn about love and how to open my own heart and I wanted to help others to do the same.

2 What is your vision?

What would your brand look like or be like if you could describe it simply?

Mine was to put love around the world in images, workshops, words and coaching nine years ago and now I am working Internationally running workshops all around the world and my hearts are going into IKEA stores world wide as posters from this October for three years. Now I am revisioning what my vision is and I want to work with the mainstream and politics helping people to connect with their hearts and I want to promote love and awareness of love through writing , TV and radio. Posh Spice wanted to be as famous as Persil. I wanted to be a world renowned Love Angel. What do you want?

3 Strategy!

Write your vision down! Oscar Wilde said anything written will come to pass! And write daily targets which will help you reach your goals. Visualise and imagine what you want happening and look out for the signs. I want to connect with Politicians and Corporates because I want to talk about the importance of love and the heart with those in power so I am going to talks and networking events. Think about what you want and create the strategy for achieving this. Keep it simple and take action!

Stay open to different people and different audiences and try not to judge, you never know who might create an important connection or opportunity for you!

4 Timing!

Be prepared for opportunities to meet the right people and when you do seize the moment! Clock the signs and recognise what is an important moment! It can seem that people have an overnight success (like Anthony Hopkins at 50 years old) but in fact they have been working away at their craft for years creating more and more moments and opportunities till they are ready to fully blossom. Gerald Mcmorrow (Director) said this is often a twelve year overnight success. If you don't give up your moment will come and all the growth you have done will make you ready for the success.
There is always a join up if you can allow it. You have a need, someone has a vision, someone else has the link to put these together.

5 Congruency!

You need to be aware of what you are saying with words and with your body. You need to show full commitment with your body and your language and your presence or people will not take you seriously. Many people do not realise how important it is to BE FULLY what you want to express in the world! As you become the expression of what you want to be you become believable. I am an exponent of Love so I am continually learning about love, beauty and creativity and intending to put this into the world. Because this is my desire and my interest I draw people who ask me about this, I get asked to do talks and workshops on this and as I do this I grow more and more knowing about love. So as I live I learn and I become more of who I want to be. You do not have to already be there to start to become who you want to be. You have to have the intention of becoming and start to act as if you are there. If you want a soul path and a soul mate you need to connect with and commit to your soul!

6 Communication with Grace and Charm

Many at the top of their tree is a master at communication, grace and charm. It may be in their own unique way but they will know how to talk to the man on the street or the King. This openness and availability is an enormous sense of power and charisma. These people can light up a room with a word or a look and are connectors. Watch them at work and you can learn how to move like them and have no barriers to the work you put in the world. Competency, excellence, negotiation skills and highly developed relationship skills are important to develop and keep in mind. If people give you feedback listen to it even if it is negative because you may get a useful hint about how to develop yourself. Also watch other people who are masters of their craft and really notice how they interact with others, how they speak and how they move. Luck is often seen as a mixture of preparation and opportunity. Many masterful beings will have spent much time preparing themselves for the work they want to do or the people they want to meet. Bill Clinton asks for a mini biography on each person at a dinner party he is invited to which means he can make the most of the evening knowing how to connect with the people there.

7 Commitment

Bodily and verbally commit to what you want. The journey to full mastery and self branding is to be who you are and be who you want to be with full, total and utter conviction. Take a look at the Alhambra Building in Granada- that could only have been made with total faith anything less than that would not have allowed it to have been constructed. You have to get beyond your doubts and fears in to the realm of belief and trust.

8 Be Open

Create the vision but be open as to how it may manifest. Learn to detach and let go of outcomes and you may find things happen on a bigger scale than you could have imagined.

9 Take Risks

Be Bold. Give Give Give. Give talks, give to your community, give what you have to give (the word will spread and you will become experienced at what you do). Paulo Coelho is a massively successful writer and sells millions of books but he also puts his books online for people to download for free. When you give you let go and you allow a flow. As you give so shall you receive. If you do voluntary work in an area you love you may then get spotted and paid. It's like the rule "Those that have get given more" - if you are working you will be given more work, if you have lots of love more love will come to you, start the process by doing what you want to do.

10 Support

Find mentors and groups and great people you admire they will open you up and expand your energy and by being around them you may grow more than you could ever do on your own. Recognise the divine hidden process in everything. Ultimately everything is connected and we are all one and if you realise this then you can do anything and meet anyone. You are the divine being, know this, come into peace and call in the beautiful gifts for you to work with.

I have many mentors including Peter York who has encouraged me to grow and expand beyond my own limitations. He is generous with his time but he also is very clear what time he has to give. He may have 2 minutes but he will give brilliant answers and feedback in those 2 minutes.

I have a supervisor/coach for my work and a therapist/coach for myself as well as doing regular continual development like Rosen Bodywork therapy. I have found that committing to my own levels of support has grown my life. My commitment to my own growth has grown me and grown my work, as I commit to me I do more. Also I have realised that change is a slow process and that I need to stay committed to be able to move through my resistance and make a more expanded life. Realising this I ask my clients to really commit to their process of coaching with me and to commit to coming regularly in order to achieve what they want to achieve. The commitment is very important it somehow creates the change and before you know it magic has happened!
As I grow I need more and more support and networks, this allows me to worry less grow more and vision more. I am now visioning a team of 5 people who work for me and support my business and I am part of global networks where I can help the world . For me I can allow myself to grow as long as I do this with good heart.

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