Saturday, 1 August 2009

More Tips to Open Your Heart!

1 Truth- Follow Your truth- what do you really feel? What do you want? The gift of your truth is always a gift to others. It frees us all. If you trust your truth and follow what feels right you are also trusting that if you cannot do something that someone else will or that it is not meant to happen. And this allows for you to follow what you really want to create!

2 Grace- be soft allow others to go before you in a queue or in different situations. Remember Gratitude, joy and excitement it will help in all kinds of situations.

3 Beloved- treat each person as a Beloved! Each person is a mirror of love see if you can treat them with love and respect no matter who they are. See if you can allow them to be who they are no matter what that is. We don't know who the angels are, he could be the homeless man on the street!

4 Presence- take time each day to BE HERE NOW! And in this place slow down, breathe and be gentle with yourself!

5 Love, feel into your heart, feel around you, connect with the love that is always there. Imagine you are walking with love and that every action and movement you make sends love out into the world. You are love. As you make an intention of love then love can flow more freely from you. Imagine that you walk with love, sleep with love, pray with love, eat with love, go on the bus with love, read with love, even pee with love. Thank your day for this life. Thank your bed for sleep, your Mum for your birth. Loving is boundless and endless! You are love!

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