Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Hints on supporting yourself to create your work

Hints on visioning your work and supporting yourself to create it

1 Think about what your gifts are.

What is special and particular to you? If you can start to acknowledge yourself and your gifts it can make a big difference to how you feel and how you are in the world. If you can start to own who you are and feel that in a bodily sense (not just in your head but all they way through your body) it can make a big difference with connecting to your purpose. Breath in and feel into your body with your breath and start to acknowledge yourself with your breath as you breathe in and out. Right now you are great and perfect just as you are. Think about people you admire for they can help you with mirroring who you really are. What you see in others is very often in you it just may be more unconscious or hidden but with some work it can come out. How would that make you feel? Who do you admire and what do you admire about them. If you could be them for a day what would you do? What have you been doing with your life so far and what new things would you like to bring to your vision? A vision is often quite simple and made up of simple components. Feel into what you would really love your working life to feel and look like. For example nine years ago I talked with two people about my dream for my work and I was an International Workshop leader and Life Coach with books and art about the heart. Very simple and because it is so simple it is something which I can work on and create the steps to get there. The feeling I wanted was to be able to give love and visit people around the world in a creative and constructive way.

2 Create a Goals Group.

Find one or more people who you can talk about your dreams and wishes and agree certain weekly or monthly goals- you can do this with friends or colleagues. As you talk about your goals more and more ideas will come, you could be amazed.

3 Keep a goals book

Keep a little book of all your goals. On the first page write your top goals. Then each night write a list for the next day of how you are connecting and continuing with these goals. So on my first page I have a list of my top goals

1 Book

2 Coaching

3 Workshops

4 Health

5 Film

Then each day I make a list of how I can connect to these goals even in a small way. So today I am writing my book and my blog, I have had a little walk and done some coaching and I am seeing my supervisor who I will talk to about my goals for my work.

4Give Give Give

Engage in allowing yourself to be loving to others. What people may not realise is that when you are not charming you can often seem not friendly or even rude. I encourage people a lot to engage in being charming in giving compliments and even gifts. It is very important to learn to engage with others. If you ever have an opportunity to observe someone who is has developed themselves and is comfortable in their skin you may notice how they can gracefully engage with anyone and they will dare take the steps towards them and with genuine grace connect with them in a very gentle and humane way. Also give what you can without expectation, you may find I amazing how this helps you connect and to create the business you want. I am always giving away information on events and things to do and even when I give my business card away it is often received well because the card has a lovely heart on it. So think if you can make your information about yourself something lovely to receive. Also if you make yourself as lovely as you can with how you are and how you look then you also make yourself very pleasant for others. Also as you probably know as you give so shall you receive so if you do voluntary work in the area you are interested in working in then you are quite likely to meet people you can impress with your talents and get work. If you give to charities or people you are drawn to giving to you allow money to flow in your your life and it will flow back to you. (Part of this is the giving helps you to trust and let go and this enables you to become more open as a person).

5 Find out what you are scared to do and do it

Often what you are scared of is actually sacred for you. Something you are scared of holds energy for you and is what you actually need in some way to integrate in yourself. I think that that relates to all areas in life including phobias (phobias are obviously a lot deeper but if you could look into what the thing you are afraid of). If you look at the symbolism of the thing you are afraid of then you could look at integrating the energy of what you need. The snake is symbolic of sexuality, spiders are symbolic of creativity and control (weaving a web), wasps and bees having a powerful sting.

6 Clearing Resistance, getting focussed

Get really clear about what you want. If you can get so clear that you are like a clear television set and you can see the picture of what you want as clearly as that then you will be able to bring it in. If you start to imagine what you want and you can feel resistance or a blurring or a distance with the image then you are blocked in some way and you need to do some work around this. A good friend or a good coach or psychotherapist can help you with resistance. To start with you need to understand that you are resistant and why you might be resistant. Do you feel that someone owes you a living or are you hoping to be rescued in some way? Are you finding that things that you wanted are not coming your way? If you think about it are there any difficult feelings? Though there some situations where it is right and clear that they should not happen and later on in retrospect you can see why things should not have worked out. But for many situations the reason why they are not happening may well be your own internal blocks and it is worth finding out what they are and seeing if you are ready to clear them and move to your next level.

Get someone to help you see your subconscious resistances and start to work to release them. I have been talking to my Supervisor about my resistance and we have been talking about looking at the opposite of resistance and asking for for more (money, work, opportunities, growth) and moving out of being in a tight emotional space and opening more. How would you feel to really open and really grow? What would you really like if you could imagine your perfect life?

7 Getting Support

Anyone successful will have an enormous amount of help. Sometimes I think it is difficult for people to realise or take this on board but it is worth getting yourself very supported in all the areas that you need. I have a therapist, a supervisor, a homeopath, an acupuncturist and and training and groups I go to as well as family and friends. I also have various mentors and support people and time that I give myself to meditate and connect with myself and know what I need.

8 Are you ready to go to the power of 10

How would you feel about expansion? How would you feel about growing further, really focussing and achieving more? We are often growing at a certain pace in our lives but we sometimes need to check- Could I go further? Am I ready to go further? My friend Clemens Brennan calls this going to the power of 10. This is when we really can reach and energise ourselves more. Some people may never want to do this and some people are raring to go and some people just need a little help or tweak to help them make the shift. My friend asked me whether I would like to speak to an audience of 900 people and I said that I would. I surprised myself with that answer but it may me realise that I am ready to grow to another level. I have been going to see amazing speakers recently and it has been an astounding experience for me to see the great art of some of these people. But it can be really great to see people you admire doing there thing and it can help you to make an energetic shift and start to see your next level of growth as you integrate the lessons.

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