Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Heart Coaching

I am a Life Coach who coaches people into their hearts.

Living a good life is about Living from the Heart and being in your truth and in the absolute centre of who you are. When you live in your heart you know your purpose and your truth and you are connected to your own inner voice and intuition which guides you and leads you to where you need to go. If you could allow yourself to move into your heart and your truth you can move into a place of deep joy and peace and it is from this place that you are able to create a beautiful life. For when you are in your heart you are living from who you really are. The heart has great intelligence and will give you wonderful guidance about who to be and how to be. Working with the heart means becoming aware of and releasing blocks in your heart. It means learning to love yourself and starting to treat yourself well and from here starting to create the life of your dreams. When you are in your heart, much more seems possible and it seems as if you can make things come true which you can. It’s a bit like when the aerial on your TV works well and you get a good picture. When you are clear and centred in your heart you can also create a clear and good picture in your life. This is really the quality of manifestation, when we are really clear about what we are and what we want (in a heart and feeling sense) then what is true, relevant and needed has a tendency of turning up.

Benefits of Life Coaching

Having a relationship with yourself

Being centred in yourself

Being connected to your life purpose

Being able to attract a partner

Improving your relationships

Focus and achieve your career goals

Create a work/life balance


Improve your health, wellbeing and presentation skills

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