Thursday, 22 September 2011

The magical power of Romantic Love By Cate Mackenzie

The eternal quest for romantic love moves through humans like a river longs for the ocean. Effervescent, ever present and unfathomable, when romantic love finds you and embraces you it can feel like a romantic film: amazing, difficult, overwhelming. To be touched deeply by another brings the sweetest sensations of care, memories of love and fears of being left, taken over or demanded upon. Romantic love can be a gateway to spirit, where you are given direct communion to your God/Goddess self. You are also given the opportunity to clear any patterns of shame and unworthiness or ways you have been hiding from the world. Partnering with another being consciously helps to incarnate you on the earth plane and supports you to embody your truth and purpose. When you join heart, mind, body and soul with another it is one of the deepest therapies you can engage with. You can emerge lighter, more grounded, freer and living in your truth.

I believe that if anyone truly wants romantic love they can have it. First try asking yourself these questions: Are you willing to stand naked in the face of love and witness your true power? Are you ready to go on a journey to know yourself and come into your truth and creativity? Are you able to open and let go? If you can allow this state of active receptivity you will receive what comes your way - magnetising all that you want towards you, including a soulmate. This is a mastery of tuning in, following the flow and stepping into creation.

As you align your path with love in this way, you emanate a state of being in love. You are so vibrant that the walls between realities become thinner and your soul mate, playmate or lover may show up in a surprising way. Remember that a deep connection between two lovers brings a huge charge of light, opening each person up and testing serenity as core issues are brought up. At this point it can be tempting to push your partner away. Some people may not know how to communicate well about all these new feelings. Many relationships can stay stuck in deadness or drama where feelings are shut down and suppressed or anger and aggression is dumped onto the other.

The way through this flux of passionate attraction and emotional turbulence is choosing a loving committed path. This will support you to grow through relationship and to bust any feelings of shame. As you treat your mate with care and consideration, you live in a way that mirrors trust and love for yourself. The world is now a friendly place and it’s seen that you and your mate deserve kindness, peace and joy. The magic of this choice is that you start to appreciate and become more loving to each other. You may be amazed how much love you now receive from your partner and how your ways of being are complementary. One partner, for example, may have a beautiful way of trusting in the moment and looking at the clouds and the trees, and the other may encourage dreaming and planning. This journey can bring you into oneness, truth and the deepest sense of being fully loved and free.

Treat this person as The One. For today they are The One, and if they are not the energy will disappear and you will find another. While the energy is there, commit completely to love and to loving this person, be in the moment as much as you can and try not to project too much into the future. We never know whether we have someone for a day, a month or a life time, so appreciate them and their love for you. You are a whole universe and your mate is too, and it takes time to get to know each other. As you come into knowing your love and loving them you arrive in the presence of love. This is the place you dreamed of but never dared to believe in and it heals you and all around you.


1 Work out what you want and request it.

2 Talk about important issues face to face.

3 Create agreements around things like money, space and boundaries.

4 Agree to keep talking until things are clear. Remember the bumps are part of getting to know each other.

5 Don't talk about work or heavy issues if you can late at night or in bed.

6 Praise your partner a lot.

7 If you are in a stalemate, hold the idea that there is a solution between you, even if you do not know what it is.

8 There is only love or fear. What we give we receive.

9 If you or your partner is being attacking or defensive, come back to love. Stroke their face or tummy and affirm their beauty.

10 You do not have to sort everything out now - allow the process to unfold.

11 If you are pushing for something stop for a moment and pull back - spaciousness shifts problems.

12 Be with your partner silently - gaze into each others eyes or hold each other.

Cate Mackenzie is a Love Coach, Workshop Leader and Artist specialising in helping people to open their hearts to love. She has been working with people since 1993 and works in Chelsea in London. Her heart paintings are being sold in 72 countries through IKEA and she has a CD out to “Open Your Heart”. Her web site is

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