Thursday, 8 April 2010

Me in Manchester Spirituality Talks

Hi Cate I enjoyed your session in Manchester this evening It was good to have a high energy, fun, evening.

I thought some more about wishing and wanting on the way home... Wishing also seems more of a heart energy than wanting, to me. Wanting seems to have more of a head feel.... what I think I want to make me happy, rather than what my heart wishes for. Perhaps that's why some people find it "wishy washy"... Head people tend to

feel that way about heart energy, don't they.

Ed Warne Beta Healing Group Manchester

Hi Cate

Thank you so much from us all at Manchester Spirituality Talks for the wonderful talk you gave last night. It was a really enjoyable evening and I for one loved being around you're energy! You lifted my spirits and made me feel alive and I thank you for this good feeling. You gave a lot of great information and guidance and we are all so grateful to you for helping us on the road to meet The Beloved. My very best wishes to you for continued success and fulfillment. Yes, you're only love,

Lynda x

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