Saturday, 14 November 2009

The Creative Feminine and my Gran Hazel Adair

 Jonquil Anthony (who created "Mrs Dale's Diary" with my Gran Hazel Adair, one of the original writers on it and who devised many programmes including "Compact", "Champion House" and "Crossroads")
This is an important time to birth yourself and your dreams and allow yourself to really open up to the great mystery of who you are and what you can be. This is a photo of my Gran Hazel Adair who dared to write and became a powerful woman in the beginning of television. She wrote about human stories and fought to include stories of black and white relationships, gay relationships, illegitimate babies, stories from all classes and all cultures (including writing the first main black characters in soap operas and the first disabled character). She was ahead of her time and it was a radical thing to do but she believed in telling people's stories and she felt it was important to do this. As a result she was very successful! If you follow your passion you may find that you find a flow within you that leads you to do many things you may never even have thought of!

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