Thursday, 11 June 2009

Thank you dot com

Are you feeling the love? My wonderful cousin Duncan Cheatle has set up a beautifully loving web site where you can join for free and thank those people who have made a difference in your life. So far I have thanked my Mum, my Grandmother, Duncan and Countess Esther Benckendorff who encouraged me to dance every day and gave me unconditional love from when I was 4 years old. I think it is so much fun and will carry on. Do have a look if you get a chance! Here in the UK the sun is shining and many people are smiling and happy to be out and about. I do love all the seasons and all the weather changes here, including the rain, as long as I can sort my wardrobe and get the right clothes to wear I’m happy. The only time I really struggle with is the freezing cold and that is because all I want to do is wrap up like a ball and have many layers and I feel that I lose all sense of style. Maybe I need to ask a stylist on tips for the cold season! I am, in fact, working with a style coach at the moment called Julia Knight and it has made a big difference to how I look at dressing and what I wear. She has helped me to focus on how I put things together and what I am wearing for different occasions. It has given me a sense of becoming more of a woman and more mature in my clothing choices. In the Summer I would always wear bright colourful cotton dresses and although they are fine they are also quite girly and I am now choosing more stylish patterns and cuts to suit a more mature me. This then helps me feel more mature in my work and in socialising. Also once we have talked through what clothes and images I want she always says “You know the clothes will turn up now don’t you”! And they do, it’s extraordinary but they do every time. I live near the most wonderful set of charity shops and after I have decided I would like- some designer flowery feminine clothing, some Issa or Etro or Whistles then I pop into my shops and they are there. Ask and you shall receive as they say. It’s wonderful!

Receiving Life as it
by Cate Mackenzie
I am having some wonderful lessons as the moment about receiving life just as it is and accepting the energy that is there and then continuing to receive and noticing what happens.

I was teaching a dance class on Friday to people with disabilities and their carers. The energy seemed lower than usual and I felt that I needed to respect this and let everyone get connected to each other before getting them moving. So I asked the care staff to work with a disabled partner and very slowly and gently massage each arm. The point was to help the carer really connect with the disabled person and to help the disabled person feel their body and also feel connected with the carer. After some time there was a noticeable feeling of connection in the room and I started us all dancing gently and slowly. After a while we built a great energy in the room and we were all moving quite a bit, and even the disabled people who do not move that much normally moved a great amount. It really struck me that it was about accepting and being with the initial energy that allowed a new energy to come out. Then it made me think about life and how there are always things in life that are good, things that are difficult, things I may want to happen and things I may not want to happen and yet I somehow need to be equanimous with all of it. I can get caught up in worrying about the friend I may have upset and wondering how I can make it better or wanting certain work things to happen when I need to wait and see and allow things to be. And what if I can accept it all the good, the difficult, the easy and stay in the moment? What if I could accept it all just as it is! Then maybe there is a chance, or a moment of change, maybe the energy can come back again! Who knows! For I have noticed that it can be just as hard to receive the good as receiving the bad. When things are really good I can get worried and stressed and wonder if I should be any different than I am and as soon as I do that I have shut down the energy. When things are difficult I can also close in and this contraction will create a block so that nothing can move. I feel that really people see therapists, coaches and alternative practitioners to help re-open these blocks and shift the energy and that is a good thing to do when you need it. And, of course, it can make a big difference when you need it! But what if you realised how magnificent you really are and that you can breathe into any situation and start to melt your fears and blocks that you can practice staying open. What if you could really realise who you are in your heart and hold the magnificence of who you really are so that you can be in your truth and be in communion with all that is right now in this moment.

The reality is that you are a beautiful being of light and you can realise this right now in this moment. And as you realise this you can begin to allow all that you want to allow to be true. You do not need to “make” anything happen but from a beautiful open space you can call in what is true and right for you with no judgements and with total acceptance of yourself and what is.

For me I can go into this space when I dance, when I dance I feel totally connected and at one and at peace with myself and the world around me. In this space I can settle into myself and into my body and from this I can call in and attract what I need. So last night I went 5 rhythms dancing and I went into a calm and beautiful space and I asked that the right men came to dance with me (the men that were right for me to dance with) and that I would just stay in my space and they would turn up. So I stayed in my space and enjoyed my dancing and sure enough different men at different times turned up and danced with me and it was great. In fact it made me realise that we have to be ready to engage with our wishes as commitments and deep decisions because if you are centred, calm and clear and you call something in you may well receive it and then you have to be ready for that.

You can check in with yourself whether you are ready to really receive the gifts of your wishes by asking your body and slowing down enough to hear what your body says. Then see what magic happens in your life!

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